Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Introduction & purpose

Trustpilot Group plc and its group companies (together referred to as "Trustpilot", "we", "our" or “us”) are committed to ensuring that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DE&I”) is everyone’s responsibility. This policy reflects Trustpilot’s strong commitment to DE&I. It sets out what we expect from the people who work for us, and what they can expect from us.

Everyone at Trustpilot is responsible for creating a workplace and an organisation that is truly Open to All; a value that is at the core of our business.  

We want everyone at Trustpilot to feel a strong sense of belonging, where you don’t feel like you have to fit in, you can just be you. You’re treated fairly, your perspective is valued, and you’re empowered to do the best work of your life. Trustpilot is committed to this vision and wants to be a part of creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world of work for all, encouraging a workplace where we all respect and live our values every day.

Trustpilot recognises that having a diverse workforce with diverse representation across different job levels means we are a stronger, more innovative business and that when our organisation reflects our global communities, we better serve and represent our customers.

Who is covered by this policy?

This policy applies to everyone who works for Trustpilot, wherever they are located (together referred to as “Trusties”, "you" or "your").

What do we mean by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)?


This is who we are. Our background, our culture, our lifestyle, our beliefs, the way we think, the clothes we wear, the people who we love, where we get our energy, how we communicate, how we work best; essentially, it’s what makes us, us.


To achieve equality, we need to focus on equity. We don’t all start with the same advantages or opportunities to access and tap into our true potential. Equity looks at the factors that contribute to this inequality of opportunity. Inequity typically affects people from a disadvantaged background or a historically oppressed group. Action may be taken to address this inequity, which could mean introducing an initiative which supports a specific group of people, for example, with the aim to ensure that equal opportunities are a reality and accessible for everyone.


This is how we make people feel. It’s a choice we make. We choose to make people feel included, and that’s why it’s everyone’s responsibility. Whether it’s what we say, how we say it, or what we do, it’s an action we take for someone to feel thought of, accepted, safe and able to contribute or participate in the way that they feel most comfortable.

Trustpilot’s responsibilities

All our Trusties have a responsibility to ensure that this policy is adhered to and is consistently applied in everything we do, including how we treat each other within our workplace and the people we interact with.

This means ensuring fairness and respect in our processes and initiatives, including recruitment and selection, training and development, community engagement, our wellbeing offering, the accessibility of our systems and spaces, any promotion opportunities and reward decisions, as well as in the event of any disciplinary decisions, selection for redundancy or termination of employment.

It is Trustpilot’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and equal opportunities exist for all - and that the people who work for us understand what is expected of them and can raise any concerns freely. 

Trustpilot has zero tolerance for unlawful discrimination. Examples of discrimination can include treating a person less favourably on the grounds of age, disability, nationality, race, gender identity or gender expression, marriage and civil partnership, veteran status, pregnancy, paternity and maternity, religion and beliefs, sex and sexual Orientation. We expect our Trusties to read and understand their local Non-discrimination and anti-discrimination policy for more information on what this means for them in their location.

If a Trustie experiences or witnesses something that doesn’t feel right, they can raise their concerns via our Speaking Up channels. We provide training to Trusties on how to use these channels, and how we expect them to apply our values and honour our commitment towards DE&I.

Trustpilot’s Board of Directors and Executive Leadership

DE&I is supported across all levels of our company.

The board of directors of Trustpilot Group plc (the “Board”) expects that every member will role model inclusive language and behaviours, whilst committing to engaging with Trustpilot’s workforce to better understand what is top of mind for Trusties and what impacts them the most. In addition to this policy, Trustpilot Group plc maintains a separate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy for the Board and its committees.

Our Executive Leadership Team oversees many elements of DE&I in their work, including establishing and updating people policies, reviewing employee feedback through various mechanisms of our listening strategy and driving cultural change where appropriate. Executive Leadership Team members also take on sponsorship positions for our Employee Resource Groups and as sponsor, they provide the Board with an annual update for their area.

Your responsibilities

Every person who works for Trustpilot is responsible for creating an inclusive culture. This could be in the meetings and interviews they conduct, the social events they plan, in the decisions they make, and is an integral part of delivering excellent service to our customers.  We expect our people leaders to lead by example.

It’s your responsibility to uphold the behaviours we expect of our Trusties and fulfil our commitment to seek diversity across our workforce, strive for equality, eliminate unlawful discrimination and disrespectful treatment towards others. We expect you to read and understand your local Non-discrimination and Anti-discrimination policy and raise any acts of unacceptable or discriminatory behaviour via our Speaking Up channels so that we can take appropriate action. Trusties should view our Speaking Up policy for guidance on reporting concerns.

During your time at Trustpilot

Trustpilot wants to work with Trusties to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace that actively promotes fairness, equality and respect for each other. We can each call it out if we see something or experience something that doesn’t feel right and be champions for celebrating diversity in all its forms. 

An always-learning culture

We will provide many opportunities for our Trusties to build their awareness and perspectives of people’s lived experiences, helping them to increase their confidence in understanding people who are different from themselves. Trusties can start by visiting our Inclusion at Trustpilot Hub on Trustnet, our Intranet site, for more resources as well as take advantage of LinkedIn Learning. Whilst we provide opportunities for our Trusties to learn, we do not make this mandatory all of the time. We believe that people should be trusted to take advantage of the many different options we offer to help Trusties develop and learn in a time and way that suits them best. There are certain training modules which are mandatory, for example our Code of Ethics module, which includes non-discrimination and anti-harassment training, to ensure that every person working with us understands the behaviour standards we expect and the support, and resources available to everyone.

The Trustpilot Way of Recruiting

Our job descriptions will include core, essential skills which will be limited to those requirements that are absolute must-haves for the role. Candidates for employment will be assessed objectively against a criteria relevant for the specific job which will be based on skills, ability and experience. We aim to deliver an amazing experience for all, and will take into account any reasonable adjustments that may be required for candidates and Trusties with a disability.

Representation matters

Trustpilot aims to better understand the demographic composition of its global workforce (subject to data privacy laws). This enables us to take a view of whether we are creating equal opportunities for everyone to work and progress at Trustpilot as well as understand if our DE&I initiatives are having an impact. Where data privacy laws allow, and in accordance with strict data protection processes, Trusties are given opportunities to share their diversity information with Trustpilot to help improve the data insights we have available.

Work your way

We get that there’s more to life than the (awesome) work we do at Trustpilot. That’s why we promote and value flexible and agile ways of working for our Trusties. Creating that balance is important and we appreciate it can be tricky sometimes to try and ‘do it all’. Working flexibly benefits many people, specifically working parents and carers, as well as alleviating some barriers for people with a disability and can be a driver of positive mental health. Simply put, flexible working allows Trusties the freedom to work in a way that works best for them.

Join or build a new community

At Trustpilot, we have a number of Employee Resource Groups (“ERGs”) that as a Trustie, you will have the opportunity to join. These ERGs aim to support different communities at Trustpilot and provide an opportunity to connect with Trusties from all over the world on topics important to you. Trustpilot will be led by the voices of our amazing Trusties, we will listen and take action wherever we can to make everyone’s experience of working at Trustpilot the best it can be. 

Failure to comply

Trustpilot does not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying or retaliation.  Any employee that breaches this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Reporting breaches or concerns

We expect people who work for us to report suspected or actual breaches of our policies to their People Business Partner, manager or through our other Speaking Up channels.

Our Speaking Up platform is available to everyone covered by this policy and includes the ability to report anonymously. We take these concerns seriously and handle them promptly.

We do not tolerate retaliation against anyone who speaks openly about conduct they believe is unethical, illegal or against our policies — even if the concern isn’t substantiated, as long as they have not knowingly made a false report.

Changes to this policy

Trustpilot’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team is responsible for this policy. This policy will be reviewed at least once every two years. It may be amended at any time with the approval of the Board.

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