Legal Brand Guidelines

(version 1.0, March 2022)


Our Brand is one of our most important assets. We love it when businesses use our Brand in the right way to show the world that they truly care about their customers. If our Brand is misused or displayed in a way that is misleading, this undermines the integrity of online reviews and content and consumer and business confidence in Trustpilot as a Universal Symbol of Trust. That’s why it’s important you follow these Guidelines if you have permission to use our Brand.

Whenever you use or display our Brand, you agree to do so in line with these Guidelines, our Terms of Use and Sale for Businesses (“Terms”) and the style guidelines on our Brand Hub.

  • What do we mean by our Brand?

    Name, logos and symbols

    Our name, logos and symbols are among the most recognizable and used parts of our Brand. We and our customers use them globally, every day to build credibility and trust and consumers rely on them to help them make better decisions.

    Our primary logo is unique and bespoke. It is displayed on all pages of the Trustpilot websites, in our reviews and ratings and on the websites of our customers. You can find a list of Trustpilot’s logos and symbols, including our secondary logos, by visiting our Brand Hub.

    The TrustScore and Star Rating

    The TrustScore is an overall measurement of reviewer rating based on all the service and location reviews a business receives on Trustpilot:

    TrustScore - Verified Company

    After it’s calculated, the TrustScore is visualized into a star rating from 1 to 5 stars, including half stars (“Star Rating”):

    TrustScore - Star rating

    The TrustScore and Star Rating are central to our Brand, allowing businesses to build trust with new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more. You can find out more about the TrustScore and Star Ratings by visiting our Support Center.

    TrustBox widgets

    TrustBox widgets allow you to display reviews and other Trustpilot content. They add a dash of familiarity to your website, app or marketing content by showing your most recent reviews, your TrustScore, and/or your Star Rating. TrustBox widgets are available to all businesses who have a Trustpilot Business Account whether free or paying, although the range of widgets you have access to depends on your Trustpilot plan. You can browse the full range of TrustBox widgets by visiting our Support Center.

    Other marketing assets

    Trustpilot’s marketing assets are official and ready-made graphics, logos, and templates. Depending on your Trustpilot plan, you can download and use our marketing assets to showcase your business’ reviews, TrustScore, or Star Rating across all your communication and marketing channels, in both print and digital formats.

  • If you’re on one of our free or paid plans, you can use the Brand assets available in your Trustpilot Business Account. You can access your Business Account by visiting

    The Brand assets you’re able to use will depend on your Trustpilot plan. If you’re not sure which Brand assets you’re allowed to use, visit the “Showcase” section of your Business Account:

    B2B app

    Dos and Don’ts?

    As long as you have a Trustpilot Business Account, you can use the pre-approved Brand assets available in your Business Account without our prior permission. However, there are certain dos and don’ts that apply when using our Brand assets - whether on your website or in your marketing materials:

    • Do follow the style guidance on our Brand Hub when using any of our Brand assets.

    • Do use the TrustBox widgets available in your Business Account to show off your reviews, TrustScore and Star Rating.

    • Do use the pre-approved marketing assets available in your Business Account to showcase your reviews, TrustScore and Star Rating in your online and offline marketing. You don’t need our prior permission to do this as long as you follow the guidance on our Brand Hub and these Guidelines.

    • Do link back to your Trustpilot profile page when using our Brand assets on your website.

    • Do share reviews, TrustScore and Star Rating on social media via any of the methods listed in our Support Center (as long as this is covered by your plan).

    • Do include a date stamp when showcasing your reviews, TrustScore and Star Rating, outside of Trustbox widgets, in both online and offline marketing.

    • Do display, spell and capitalise the names of our Brand assets exactly as they are shown in your Business Account and our Brand Hub. We’re “Trustpilot”. Not “TrustPilot” or “Trust Pilot”.

    • Do be sure to get permission from the reviewer to use their username/location - or otherwise anonymise them - when you’re quoting one of your customers in advertising (see below). You don’t need to do this when using the pre-approved Brand assets available in your Business Account.

    • Do include your TrustScore and Star Rating when showcasing your reviews.

    • Don’t display Trustpilot reviews on your website outside of the official TrustBox widgets available in your Business Account. This includes using “homemade” widgets, unofficial Trustpilot widgets or simply copying Trustpilot reviews to your website. Note that specific rules apply if you’re an API customer.

    • Don’t mislead consumers into believing that the TrustScore, Star Rating or reviews meant for another domain relate to your own domain.

    • Don’t use our Brand assets for marketing that goes beyond the pre-approved assets in your Business Account without our prior permission.

    • Don’t alter, amend or make changes to our Brand assets, such as our name, logos and symbols.

    • Don’t use our Brand assets in a way that suggests we authorise, endorse or recommend your business or a third party product or service.

    • Don’t use our name as part of your business’ name (including brand and product names), even if it’s a close misspelling. This will confuse and mislead consumers and infringe our registered trademarks.

    • Don’t compare your TrustScore, Star Rating, Star Label (i.e. Excellent, Great, Good, Poor or Bad) or Category Ranking to those of other businesses.

    Please reach out to us if you’re not sure you’re allowed to use our Brand assets (see Get in touch). We’re always happy to help.

    Special rules apply when using our Brand assets in advertising. See Advertising for more information.

  • What do we mean by advertising?

    Advertising can be a key part of your business’ marketing strategy. We want you to be able to show off your glowing Trustpilot reviews, TrustScore and Star Rating in your ads - all we ask is that you follow these Guidelines when preparing your ad creative.

    When we refer to advertising, we mean paid, public messaging and campaigns relating to your business. That excludes your business’ sales material or the content posted through your business’ social media channels.

    In addition to the Dos and Don’ts above, there are a few extra rules we ask businesses to stick to when using our Brand assets in advertising.

    Do I need approval for my ad creative?

    We require approval in advance for certain kinds of advertising. Please submit a request for approval (“Ad Request”) if your ad creative relates to:

    • Television;
    • Radio; or
    • Any “out of home” advertising, including billboards, buses and posters.

    Provided that you stick to these Guidelines, you don’t need our approval in advance for other types of advertising.

    I need to make an Ad Request. Who do I contact and what’s the process?

    You can make an Ad Request by emailing your Customer Success Manager (“CSM”) with the name of your business/domain and a short description of your ad creative. We will then carry out an internal compliance check and your CSM will get back to you within 5 working days of your Ad Request being submitted.

    I’d like to feature Trustpilot in my Google Ads, how can I get approval to do this?

    You can ask for permission to feature Trustpilot in your Google Ads by emailing your CSM, who will submit an internal request on your behalf.

    Can I use review content in my advertising?

    Reviews belong to our reviewers. Trustpilot and the businesses featured on our platform do not own reviews. When a reviewer creates an account on Trustpilot and agrees to our Terms and Conditions, they grant Trustpilot a license to display their reviews on the Trustpilot platform and make those reviews available to third parties.

    You have three options if you want to feature Trustpilot reviews in your advertising:

    1. use the pre-approved marketing assets available to you in your Business Account;
    2. obtain permission from Trustpilot via an Ad Request; or
    3. obtain permission from reviewers directly.

    Why do we need to add a date stamp? It shortens the longevity of our ad.

    Without the date stamp, ads run the risk of being inaccurate if the Star Rating and/or Category Ranking were to change. This is important to avoid misleading consumers about your Star Rating, especially in static media like ads and print media.

  • Businesses who don’t have a Business Account aren’t allowed to display Brand assets such as TrustScore or Star Rating on their websites or in their marketing. They also won’t have access to our library of TrustBox widgets or our pre-approved marketing assets. The good news is that signing up to Trustpilot couldn’t be easier, and our basic services are free to all business users. Create a free account today.

    If you don’t have a Business Account, you are still welcome to use our name, logos and symbols:

    • to link to Trustpilot content;
    • in a non-commercial, descriptive way. For example, “We are rated on Trustpilot” or in an informational context; or
    • in an editorial context, for example, as part of a news article,

    as long as you stick to these Guidelines and our Brand Hub.

    If you’re unsure whether you have permission to use our name, logos and symbols, please do get in touch. Our team will keep you right on what you can and can’t do with our Brand. See Get in touch for further details.

  • When using our Brand it’s very important to us that you do not misuse it. Examples of misuse include using:

    • an incorrect TrustScore or Star Rating;
    • content which is not up to date;
    • a review without having obtained consent from the reviewer (or anonymised the reviewer’s user name);
    • a static image of your TrustScore or Star Rating on your website;
    • your TrustScore or individual review Star Rating in any way that might be misleading as to your overall TrustScore, for example, displaying individual review Star Ratings in a way that suggests it is representative of the overall TrustScore for your business, or displaying the TrustScore for one of your domains on another domain; or
    • a TrustBox widget which is not included in your Trustpilot plan, or an unofficial third party application used to display Trustpilot content.

    This is not an exhaustive list. If we discover misuse, we’ll take action to correct it. This is set out further in our Action We Take Policy.

  • The Brand assets are the property of Trustpilot A/S and shall be protected in accordance with applicable copyright, trademark and other legislation. Nothing in these Guidelines shall be regarded as transferring ownership in the Brand assets to you and all goodwill arising from use of the Brand assets belongs to us. You are only granted a non-exclusive license to use the Brand assets as specified in these Guidelines and our Terms.

    The Brand assets that you are permitted to use are those shown in your Business Account. You should always display, spell and capitalise the Brand assets exactly as they are shown in your Business Account and on our Brand Hub.

    You may not use or register, in whole or in part, our Brand assets, including our trademarks, Trustpilot-owned graphic symbols, logos or modifications thereof, as or as part of a company name, trade name, product name, or service name without our prior permission.

    You may not use other variations of our Brand assets for any purpose or use our Brand assets or any other Trustpilot-owned graphic symbol, logo, or icon in a disparaging manner.

    You also agree not to use our Brand assets, including our trademarks, Trustpilot-owned graphic symbols/logos, or icons, in a manner that would imply Trustpilot's endorsement, affiliation, sponsorship, or support of a third party product or service.

    We may revoke permission to use the Brand assets at any time. We expressly reserve our right to withhold approval of any content that we consider to be inconsistent with the Trustpilot Brand. Please note that we also have the right to take action against any unauthorised use of our Brand or goodwill and that we may terminate any licenses granted under these Guidelines or our Terms resulting from a breach.

Get in touch

If you have any questions relating to these Guidelines, or how to use our Brand assets in general, please feel free to get in touch. You can do so by using our Contact form. We’re more than happy to help.

Interpretation and updates

We have the final say with regard to the interpretation and application of these Guidelines, and we can update them at any time. If you’d like more detailed information about how we work, you’re welcome to visit our Support Center.